Increase the productivity & happiness of your whole team

WorkStyle builds a deep understanding within teams of each other’s optimal working style to develop a culture of effective collaboration and employee satisfaction


Explore the features that will make WorkStyle your favourite team building assistant

Features everyone on your team will love

Understand how to best work with anyone in your team

WorkStyle creates a team hub where your employees can have their own unique profile based on personality, working style preferences & values.

Icebreaker questions for the whole team

Answer fun and serious Icebreaker questions that help your team get to know one another and boost psychological safety over time.


“Over two years we conducted 200+ interviews with Googlers (our employees) and looked at more than 250 attributes of 180+ active Google teams.
The number one dynamic that set successful Google teams apart was psychological safety”


Features you’ll love when leading & managing

Administer and store personality test results in one place

WorkStyle offers 10 different personality tests and also lets you upload the results of other external personality tests your team has taken into one platform.

People analytics with practical behavioural recommendations

Understand the dynamics of any team with practical insights on how to best lead them and what to watch out for.

Features you’ll love when hiring

Check potential new employees for team fit

Discover the psychometric fit of potential employees with your team to ensure you hire the people who will bring the most value.

Rapidly integrate new hires into your team

New employees can operate effectively within your team before their first day by understanding how each team member works best and vice versa.


Backed by research in the scientific study of organisational psychology, WorkStyle uses proven psychometric assessments and psychological tools that help build effective teams in less time.

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Why use WorkStyle?

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Teams that understand each other deeply do better work

Foster Happiness

Foster Happiness

Psychological safety creates a culture of trust & happier people

Improve Retention

Improve Retention

Employees that don’t feel understood are 2x more likely to leave


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