Our Story

WorkStyle was founded on the evidence that teams who deeply understand and trust one another are more effective and happier in the workplace.

Our job is to turn the research and studies from the world of organisational psychology into easy to use software for teams of any size.

We’re building the tools that will help your team develop a deep understanding of each other’s optimal working style and quickly create a culture of psychological safety.

Our Values

People before profit

Our team is not merely an asset or resource, they are the people with whom we often spend more time talking to than our own family. They deserve to be treated as humans and not machines.

Culture of transparency

We have learnt from the stories, experiences and mistakes of those who have travelled before us and so we seek to pass on the knowledge we along the way.

Best idea wins

To meet our ambitious goals we must cultivate a culture where the best idea and not the loudest voice wins.

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Whether you’re a startup, non-profit, agency or large company - we believe we can help bring the science of organisational psychology to your enterprise and make a positive difference.

Harness the science of positive organisational psychology and your team will stay longer, be happier and more productive.

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