We cost a lot less than a weekend of team building

WorkStyle is just $49/month for all our best features

For $49/month total, you get:

  • Add up to 100 users
  • Premium personality tests
  • Team personality anayltics
  • Weekly “Know your team” quizzes

Our plans include the following features:

$49/m Free
Start Free Trial You'll be downgraded to the free plan after your trial
Team Size 100 1
Subjective WorkStyle Preferences (Communication style, feedback preferences, focus times, strengths, values, etc)
Privacy Settings - control what you show
Download Profiles as a PDF
‘Get to know your team’ question bank 100 100
Psychometric & Personality Tests
DiSC Personality Test
Big 5 Personality Test
Jungian 4 Letter Personality Test
Occupational Emotional Intelligence
Achievement Orientation
Empowering Leadership
Team Psychometric Analytics
Big 5 Team Analytics
DiSC Team Analytics
Jungian Team Analytics
Team Hub & Administrator Settings
Organise teams within your organisation’s hub
Permissions for administrator to assign specific psychometric assessments
Interpretation guides to help managers understand psychometric data

Education & non-profit discounts.

We love to support organisations that are saving the world. Drop us a message and we’ll give you a sweet discount.


The main benefit of using WorkStyle is ensuring that everyone on your team has full understanding of how to best work with one another. This is especially useful to managers who want to cultivate high performing teams.

Getting set up on WorkStyle with a basic profile takes just 5 minutes. After completing the initial onboarding questions you can then choose to do further assessments that will enrich your profile with more practical insights for working better together.

Everyone has their own unique working style and personality. People that work in their optimal style produce their best work. When everyone on your team works in their best way, team productivity as a whole skyrockets.

The free trial gives you access to all of WorkStyles features so you can fully experience the product. If you think your organisation will need a longer trial, just let us know.

Your privacy is very important to us. You can delete your account and your data with us at anytime via the settings page. You can also choose to hide specific things on your profile so that only you see them.

Just drop us a message and we can ensure you keep your profile as an individual user