My Work Style

My favourite beverage during meetings is Coffee

I like to communicate most using Instant messaging

My strengths at work are Organisation, Communication and task completion

Apart from money, what motivates you at work? Experience and satisfaction of completing tasks

I do my best work in the early morning

In my spare time I like to: Go to the gym, walk my dog and socialise

Heather's Personality Test Insights


Heather is: Developer

Heather is self-reliant and strong willed. She is concerned with meeting her personal needs and is motivated by challenge and new opportunities. She judges others by their ability to meet their standards.

Heather will be of great value to your team because she seeks new or innovative problem solving methods. However, when under pressure she will withdraw from the group and want to work alone. Her effectiveness will be increased by adopting patience, empathy, understanding the need for collaboration, improving quality and following through on her work.

Big 5 Personality Test


Heather is sociable, enthusiastic and driven. She likes to work in a team and can be assertive, action-oriented & talkative – often making her a great team leader.


Heather operates in a sympathetic, but firm manner. She tends to be trusting of others, but isn't gullible. She is capable of effectively working in teams and cooperating well to produce ideas. However, she can also be competitive in team settings and put herself before others.


Heather is dependable, careful and responsible. She is hard-working and very much likes a sense of achievement. She will set goals for herself and her team and pursue them with determination, often adapting well to the demands and stresses of work. Because Heather is highly integral, her work tends to be accurate and of high quality.


Heather handles stress as well as everyone else; she may find a heavy workload or strict deadlines distressing, but she is able to cope and manage her emotions to work effectively.

Openness to experience

Heather is empathetic, reasonably imaginative and contributes effectively to group tasks - often offering new insight and ideas. However, she can struggle to think outside the box and come up with completely imaginative answers.

Project Management Skills

Heather is a successful project manager. She can handle unexpected occurrences but may require some support during the initial phases of a complex project.

Self Efficacy

Heather is confident in her general skills and abilities, which means she is likely to succeed in many tasks.

Occupational Emotional Intelligence

Heather is communication driven, positive, highly aware of and responsive to the emotions of her employees. Leaders like this tend to have engaged, productive and loyal employees.

Empowering Leadership

Heather is an engaging and communication driven leader. She is likely to involve her employees in decision making, is highly responsive and aware of her employees and can balance short & long-term goals.

Achievement Orientation

Heather is driven and goal-oriented. She is motivated by the way she sees herself, the way others see her, through external challenges and competition.

DISC (old version)


Heather is spontaneous, easy-going and adaptable. She is great at compromising, delegating tasks, multi-tasking and making quick decisions; however because of this her work can be chaotic and sloppy.


Heather likes to work cooperatively as part of a team to reach decisions, she has no problems voicing her opinion if she thinks it will benefit the team. She can make impulsive decisions, but may need the support from her team to do this.


Heather is inspiring, enthusiastic and convincing. She is outgoing and prefers to work in a friendly environment where she can be be motivated by social recognition, relationships and group activities.


Heather can be frantic, explosive and confident. She works quickly, often excelling in environments that change regularly. Heather can often have little patience which can sometime offend people but because of this she is capable of making quick impulsive decisions - even if they are tough or difficult.

Jungian Test

Heather is: Commander (ENTJ)


Heather is an extravert. This means that she would rather spend her time interacting with others. In her spare time she enjoies socialising with her family and friends and at work she enjoies working in large teams where she can translate her energy, ideas and interests onto others.


Heather is imaginative and idealistic. She tends to focus on the big picture - always looking at the future and the possibilities of every project. She is abstract thinker and when at work, she likes to read between the lines and come up with new ideas and ways of doing things.


Heather is rational, firm and objective. She makes decisions based on logic and facts. Her decisions typically are based on doing what is right, whether she likes it or not.


Heather is decisive, structured and organised. She likes to organise her work and personal life events effectively. She commits to the plans she makes and almost always completes what she sets out to do.

Self descriptor scales

How would you describe yourself?

I am talkative and expressive

Reflective and contained

I am talkative and expressive

Heather Harper

Reflective and contained

When faced with conflict

I am calm and controlled

I react to anger quickly

I am calm and controlled

Heather Harper

I react to anger quickly

On a daily basis

I communicate with my colleagues a great deal

I communicate with my colleagues only when I need to

I communicate with my colleagues a great deal

Heather Harper

I communicate with my colleagues only when I need to

Icebreaker questions

What would you be doing if you weren't at your current job?

Finishing my degree, maybe working in a bar

What more are you wanting in your career right now?

A masters degree

If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are living right now?

Yes, I would travel the world

What is one word you would use to describe yourself as a child?


How do you recharge?

By going to the gym or walking my dog

If you were to tell one person "Thank You" for helping me become the person I am today, who would it be and what did they do?

My Mum for raising me

Tips from colleagues

Nathan's avatar

Nathan Murphy

Heather loves digging into the research to find out the best practises around any given subject matter. She cares about the quality of her work and will always prefer to pause and reflect on something before sending in her first draft. She learns quickly and is willing to try doing things that she has never done before in her professional life. She appreciates speaking over the phone over purely digital communication.

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